Puppet theater (5 minutes by car)

Kind of entertainment which is performed by puppets on the surface of water. Vietnam traditional puppets with comical movements dance quickly and intensely on a live music stage create a very unique moment.

Unification Palace (10 minutes by walk)

It was used as the presidential official residence of the former South Vietnamese era. It is a historic place where the Vietnam War ended just in this place.

Department store / souvenir shop
(5 minutes by walk)

A lot of department stores and supermarkets where meals, souvenirs and daily necessities can be purchased are within 5 minutes walking distance.
There is also a Japanese department store (8 minutes on foot) and Dong Khoi shopping street is 3 minutes by walk.

Saigon Notre-dame Cathedral
(5 minutes by walk)

"Currently repairing work: planned to be completed at the end of 2019"
A historical building constructed from 1863 to 1880 when Saigon was a French colony.

Hero statue (2 minutes by walk)

A statue standing facing the Saigon River – Tran Hung Dao Statue. Tran Hung Dao is a warrior who prevented the original attack of China three times. It is a pleasant and spacious place along the river.

Opera house  (3 minutes by walk)

An elegant and beautiful theater built in Baroque style in the colonial period of France. The light was up at night is something really suitable for taking photo and enjoying Saigon’s night.

People's Committee (5 minutes by walk)

The clock tower in the center with its creamy outer wall is also beautiful and now it is used as a government agency. There is also a Ho Chi Minh statue in front and the lively Nguyen Hue boulevard.

Saigon Post Office (5 minutes by walk)

Saigon post office that is still operating now. The exterior is stately in a European building style. You can visit and take a look at inside interior without fee. There are also souvenir shops.